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Issue Position: Taxes/Economy

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Taxes/Economy

My record on opposing tax increases is strong and consistent. Both as a House Member and now as United States Senator, I have fought tax increases, I have worked to balance the federal budget and I have fought for tax relief for Georgia families. I have supported the elimination of the marriage penalty and the elimination of the death tax.

Allowing working families to keep more of their hard-earned money just makes sense. It allows the American consumer to buy more products, which in turn, creates jobs and boosts our economy.

We need to balance the budget without raising taxes. We need to reform our budget process. We need to make the tax cut permanent and implement additional tax cuts.

I am the Senate sponsor of the "Fair Tax." The "Fair Tax" would simply replace our current system with a national consumption tax.

The individual income tax, the corporate income tax, capital gains taxes, all payroll taxes, the self-employment tax, and the federal estate and gift taxes would no longer exist. And Social Security and Medicare benefits would remain untouched under the "Fair Tax" bill.

Will you share your thoughts with me on taxes and especially on specific taxes you feel are unduly harsh and unfair? I would also appreciate having your opinion of the "Fair Tax."

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