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Issue Position: Iraq

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Iraq

There's no question the situation in Iraq has been difficult. Our enemy is not an army, nor is our enemy brave enough to make themselves visible. These people are extremists who cowardly attack civilians. Innocent men, women and even children are simply fodder for this enemy's guns and bombs.

I honestly believe that General David Petraeus is the right man at the right time and he deserves a chance to carry out this strategy that he helped design.

General Petraeus received the unanimous support of the United States Senate for this post.

You know, there has been considerable debate in Congress about withdrawing from Iraq - but I believe that micro-management of the war by political body is simply the wrong approach.

It destroys military morale and it emboldens our enemies. It also signals to our allies that we support you - maybe. I will support the President's new initiatives and I will support General David Petraeus. Congress should support our troops, strengthen our national defense and do all it can to help the U.S. win in Iraq.

The unfortunate reality is that we remain at war with cowardly extremists, and we must remain committed to defeating their ideology of hatred.

I would like to hear your views on our efforts in Iraq. If you could meet with President Bush for 30 minutes, what would you counsel him to do in Iraq?

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