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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Health Care

The debate about extensive health care reform is just beginning in Congress.

The ultra-liberal democrats continue to promote a total takeover of health care by the federal government. This is the wrong approach and I will continue to fight that type of effort.

But something must be done. Health care costs are still prohibitive to some Georgia families and that is wrong. Every Georgian deserves access to safe, quality, and affordable health care.

That's why I've supported reforms to protect patients and make health care coverage more affordable. And Congress has risen to the occasion in the past.

We all agreed that our seniors deserved access to safe and affordable prescription drugs and we provided it.

I actively supported the historic "Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit" and now seniors like my 90 year-old mother, are able to receive prescription drug coverage under Medicare for the first time in history.

Now we need to consider options for making health care affordable for every American.

If we win this debate overhaul, the health care system and costs will come down. The debate will be hard and long, and will very likely depend on what you personally want. If Americans are silent on this debate, we will all lose.

If you want choice, lower prices, more competition, flexibility, options, tax advantages and a health care relationship directly with your doctor, you will have to get involved in this debate and let your opinions be heard by Congress.

The debate may well frame the health care area for the next 40 to 50 years and I hope you will use every resource you have to make yourself heard - loud and clear - on this issue.

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