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Issue Position: Agriculture

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Agriculture

Agriculture today is more than simply farming and marketing. It is much more
intricate than that.

Family farms are small businesses and they should not have to be sold just to pay federal taxes when a farm owner dies. The death tax must be repealed and as long as I am in the United States Senate, I will fight to repeal this tax.

The farm economy is also impacted by America's need to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Right in the center of this challenge is the American farmer. Bio-fuels, renewable fuel sources, alternative fuels - all are exciting aspects and serious challenges agri-business is involved in researching, testing and ultimately solving.

And today, our national security like never before, is supported by a strong vibrant agricultural community. Can you imagine for a moment you and your family having to be dependent on a foreign nation for your food? Neither can I.

This cannot happen - ever. Congress must use the Farm Bill to guarantee that our farms will always be able to produce an adequate supply of food to feed the American people.

So you see, Agriculture today impacts every single part of our lives in some way.

It is the foundation of our state's economy and it is vital to our national security. It is central to our nation's need to reduce dependency on foreign oil and it is a significant component of our nation's debate on immigration.

And as you consider all the ways agriculture impacts your personal life, will you please share your thoughts with me?

I pledge to you that I will do everything in my ability to preserve the family farm and to strengthen our agri-business economy.

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