Hulshof Unveils Economic Package

Press Release

By:  Kenny Hulshof
Date: July 9, 2008
Location: Kansas City, MO

Hulshof Unveils Economic Package

Kenny Hulshof outlined a plan today to strengthen Missouri's economic climate in the coming decade. Hulshof's plan addresses job training, the Quality Jobs program, workers' compensation, life sciences and additional lawsuit reform.

"While the state has taken positive steps, recent headlines remind us that work remains to be done to ensure that Missouri has the welcome mat out for businesses and entrepreneurs," Hulshof said. "Missouri is in competition not only with neighboring states, but countries around the world when it comes to attracting the best jobs. We must take every available step to make sure Missouri is in a position to succeed in this worldwide competition."

Hulshof's plan addresses six key areas:

1. Additional lawsuit reform: Employers will invest in Missouri if we continue to take steps to eliminate frivolous lawsuits.

2. Workers' compensation and Second Injury Fund reform: Help injured workers while making common sense reforms to our workers' compensation system.

3. Job training: Improve our education system so students will have the skills necessary for quality 21st Century jobs.

4. Quality Jobs: Encourage the addition and retention of quality jobs in Missouri.

5. Grow Me State Initiative: Assists advanced technology companies.

6. Capitalize on Missouri's strengths: Two industries - distribution and life sciences - deserve special attention as we work to add jobs to our state.

"For Missouri's children to truly achieve the Missouri Dream, we will not only have to attract jobs to our state, but quality careers," Hulshof stated. "That will require a commitment to training our workforce and enhancing policies that encourage businesses to invest in Missouri."

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