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Dems "Get Out of Town" Without "Taking Care of Business"


Location: Washington, DC


Representative John Carter (TX-31) today issued the following statement after House Democrats passed three energy bills that in no way will increase our energy supply.

"Democrats have decided to get out of town early today without passing a single energy bill that would lower prices at the pump. This isn't what the American people elected us to do and I assure you, as families prepare for the 4th of July weekend, they will look to Congress to provide relief at the pump. The truth is that the only way to lower gas prices is to explore for new American energy in an environmentally safe way as well as increase our conservation. Voting on misleading or inaccurate bills that do nothing to solve the real problem only sends the wrong message to American families.

"Republicans remain committed to working in a bipartisan manner to increase the supply of energy, and we will use every opportunity to force critical energy votes on the floor and in committee meetings. I call on Democrats to work with Republicans and produce energy legislation that will provide the American people with the relief they desperately are seeking."

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