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Speech to Alaska Democratic Convention 2008

Location: Alaska

Speech to AK. Dem Conv. 08

I am running for U.S Senate to reverse the damage done to our country by a quarter century of corrupt, lying, hard-core fascist criminal politicians representing Alaska in Congress. I will provide strong, ethical and anti-fascist leadership for Alaska's future.

Among my priorities are restoring open government and ending the Republican fascist culture of corruption, insuring the terrorist threat is neutralized by legitimate and effective means, finding an end to the counterproductive war in Iraq, and restoring Constitutional and civil rights trashed by the Cheney-Bush regime. I will work to: Improve the economy while reversing welfare for the wealthy and corporations, Make college and vocational training more affordable, Support energy independence and a clean environment and Provide access to health care for all Americans, especially for veterans injured in the service of our country.

The military and intelligence apparatus must be de-politicized and driven by facts rather than fascist propaganda, the punitive use of the secret police and mental health system against political prisoner must be eliminated, and the constitutional separation of Church and State must be re-established. I will work to return democracy to the U.S. and reverse the current pseudo-theocratic, fascist criminal, secret police state, plutocracy we now suffer under. We must return to a one-person, one-vote system from the current one-dollar, one vote system by public financing of political campaigns. Finally, Federal judges and justices must be appointed based on merit, not fascist ideology.

Thank you for your vote!

My first official act, after being sworn in as Alaska's next U.S. Senator in January 2009, will be to introduce a bill in the Senate to increase the number of Supreme Court justices from 9 to 11. In order to restore democracy to the U.S., the current five-fascist-majority Supreme Court must be restructured. Replacing Theodore Stevens and other corrupt, lying, hard-core fascist criminals in the U.S. Senate is a prerequisite to overturning the current pseudo-theocratic, fascist criminal, secret police state plutocracy established by the current Cheney-Bush regime, with help from previous Bush and Reagan regimes.

With a new non-fascist President and fewer than 40 fascist U.S. Senators, it will be possible to add two additional non-fascist Supreme Court justices. This will set the stage for the return of democracy, the restoration of the U.S. Constitution, including the right to privacy, and protection of citizens from illegal surveillance, torture and the myriad other illegal and unconstitutional abuses practiced without restraint by the Cheney-Bush regime. Jan. 08

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