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MyFox Atlanta - Obama Holds Fundraiser in Atlanta

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Location: Atlanta, GA

MyFox Atlanta - Obama Holds Fundraiser in Atlanta

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is in Atlanta Monday night. Senator Obama attended a big-money fundraiser just hours after supporters of his GOP rival held a rally to bash the Illinois senator's economic plan.

Barack Obama met with dozens of donors Monday night -- shaking hands and behind closed doors, speaking for a little over an hour.

Jody Andrade was one of those who paid big money to hear the presumptive democratic nominee speak.

"Tonight he addressed specifically John McCain's new economic policy and he talked about his issues with that and how his was better, it was just a very uplifting speech," said Obama supporter Jody Andrade.

It's unclear exactly how much the Obama campaign raised in Atlanta, but it was expected to be at least a couple hundred thousand dollars -- $2,300 just got you in the door. For $10,000, you got a VIP reception and a picture with the candidate.

Some in the crowd were political candidates themselves, hoping to get a little face time with Obama..

"This Obama phenom is great I want to be apart of it. Hoping for the coattail effect oh I would love to get some coattail effect," said Able Mable Thomas, an Obama supporter.

Trying to curtail any effect, Republicans rallied for John McCain Monday hours before Obama ever made it to Atlanta.

"Today I'm proud to stand with the economic stands of John McCain," said Georgia State Senator Chip Rogers.

His Georgia supporters praising McCain's economic plan, insisting he'll balance the budget before the end of his first term.

"The absolute worst thing we can do is adopt the economic policies of Barack Obama. That would be akin to taking a $4.00 gallon of gas and throwing it on the fire," said Rogers.

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