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Blackburn Commends Supreme Court's Affirmation of Gun Rights


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn Commends Supreme Court's Affirmation Of Gun Rights

Decision A Victory For Freedom And Constitutional Rights

Washington, Jun 26 - Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) hailed the Supreme Court's decision to strike down as unconstitutional the District of Columbia's gun ban. Commenting on the decision, whose ramifications extend well beyond DC, Blackburn said:

"Today the Court recognized what Tennesseans have always known, that the 2nd Amendment applies to individuals, and that all Americans have an inherent right to self-defense. This is a victory for freedom and our constitutional rights and a blow to anti-gun activists who want to restrict individual freedom. The Court again confirmed that the Constitution trumps liberal Democrat policy when they seek to roll back individual liberty."

"On a personal note, I am gratified that the young women on my DC staff may now appropriately defend themselves if they so choose."

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