Justice Wainwright's Remarks on Patriotism-Plus


By:  Dale Wainwright
Date: May 8, 2008
Location: Unknown

My column in Thursday's paper, posted here, brushed on remarks by Texas Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright at an event at the University of Texas last month.

Wainwright was part of a panel speaking to the future of the Republican Party, which is viewable by clicking here. Or fetch the audio only here.

Pasted below is my transcript of what Wainwright said at the event about Texas Republicans understanding the political fundamentals of religious faith, patriotism and a belief in equal opportunity for all. This passage was preceded by Wainwright saying, without specifics, that the Republican Party has made some missteps over the years in Texas and nationally.

Then he said: "I think perhaps the saving grace is that the Democrats I don't think understand and perhaps don't believe as strongly as Republicans, at least here in Texas, that three fundamentals as I see it are our faith, patriotism—you've got to love this country without question, and if Americans have a question about that, they are going to start questioning your candidacy. You've got to believe that there is a greater being that created us all and that guides things ultimately. And you've got to believe that there is outstanding opportunity in this country for everybody, regardless of race, color or gender.

"And the person that espouses that vision and backs it up with execution, and a plan to execute that, even if it's not perfect, is going to be the person that our state, I'm confident of, will get behind and I believe our nation will get behind and elect."

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