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The News and Observer - Edmunds Reaches Maximum

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The News and Observer - Edmunds Reaches Maximum

Bob Edmunds has received the maximum amount of contributions for publicly funded judicial candidates.

The candidate for the state Supreme Court is asking supporters to stop sending contributions.

As a participant in a publicly funded campaign, Edmunds raised the maximum $80,160 from more than 700 qualifying contributions.

Edmunds had to rasie a minimum of $40,050 from 350 registered North Carolina voters giving between $10 and $500 as a judicial candidate participating in the program.

"I am gratified that so many North Carolinians have chosen to support my reelection," Justice Edmunds said. "These contributions have come from citizens from all walks of life. However, it is awkward to return checks now that I have received the maximum amount. For that reason, I am asking that no additional contributions be sent."

Dome previously reported on April 8 that Edmunds' opponent, Suzanne Reynolds, reached her maximum for publicly funded judicial candidates.

Reynolds received nearly 450 qualifying contributions that totalled $80,100.

Both candidates are eligible for an additional $233,625 from the public campaign fund.

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