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Court Decision Protects Predators; Hurts Families

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Court Decision Protects Predators; Hurts Families

"As a mother, I was saddened at the Supreme Court's decision today to overrule a state law that provided capital punishment for child rapists," said Susan Bitter Smith, Republican candidate for Arizona's Fifth Congressional District. "This is an eye-opening example of the current makeup of the Court and the impact the upcoming Presidential election will have on its makeup.

"This incredibly heinous act of preying on young children deserves the ultimate penalty, and states should be allowed to make that determination."

Susan said the dissent of Justice Samuel Alito was the most clear, logical rebuttal of the misguided decision of the Court's majority on this emotionally and physically damaging crime to children and their families.

Judge Alito's dissent read in part:

"I have very little doubt that, in the eyes of ordinary Americans, the very worst child rapists—predators who seek out and inflict serious physical and emotional injury on defenseless young children—are the epitome of moral depravity."

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