Sen. Salazar Statement on Denver Metro Chamber Vote


By:  Ken Salazar
Date: June 12, 2008
Location: Washington, DC

Sen. Salazar Statement on Denver Metro Chamber Vote

Today, United States Senator Ken Salazar released the following statement regarding the Denver Metro Chamber's vote to support Colorado's Labor Peace Act and oppose the right to work ballot measures this fall.

"I commend the Denver Metro Chamber for taking steps toward protecting the good business-labor relationship that Colorado has enjoyed for many years. I am also encouraged by the steps that the UFCW took yesterday toward avoiding a labor-business standoff in November.

"I have long been concerned about the looming ballot initiative standoff between certain business and labor groups. At a time when the uncertain future of Colorado's economy requires that we all put our shoulders to the wheel to create jobs, compete in a global economy, solve our transportation problems and adequately fund our higher education system, we cannot afford to be divided. The money spent on this type of dispute could be better invested in Colorado jobs and needs.

"From my own conversations with Colorado business leaders who have worked for decades to make Colorado prosper, I know that reasonable business leaders do not want a labor-business meltdown. I also know that union leaders want to avert prolonged strife. I continue to believe that our best course of action would be for both sides to withdraw their initiatives.

"The Chamber and the UFCW have taken positive steps that I hope will encourage further progress toward avoiding a damaging showdown between business and labor. We need to work together to keep Colorado's economy moving forward."

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