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Vitter Introduces Home Schooling Tax Relief Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Vitter Introduces Home Schooling Tax Relief Bill

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today introduced a bill to provide education-related tax relief to families who home school their children. The Home School Opportunities Make Education Sound Act would allow home school families to take advantage of tax deductions to help alleviate education-related expenses.

"Like those who choose to send their children to private schools, home school families pay an inequitable share of education-related expenses," said Vitter. "Even as they pay for expenditures related to home school activities, they fund public schools through their tax dollars. We need to provide them with the same relief offered to private school families, and this bill is intended to do just that, by minimizing the financial burden of these families."

Vitter's bill provides for a deduction of $500 per child with an annual limit of $2,000 for expenses related to K-12 homeschooling activities. For families that do not itemize their taxes, the bill would allow for a standardized deduction of $500 per child, not to exceed $2,000 in one year. Families with children who attend private schools are already eligible for education-related tax benefits.

"All families should be provided with a full spectrum of choices when it comes to the education of their children," Vitter said. "We need to take the necessary steps to remove the undue financial burdens that are currently placed on home school families. As individuals empower themselves to take responsibility for the proper education of their children, we should in turn provide them with the appropriate tools to do so. To that end, this legislation is a positive step in that process."

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