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Issue Position: Supply and Demand for Cheap Labor Rules the Land

Issue Position

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Whether we like it or not the demand for cheap labor is a mayor issue, and frankly small businesses and our country's economy would not survive without it. The rising cost of health insurance, gasoline high prices, food shortage, an out of control spending Democratic Congress, not to mention a collapsing house market. What are we to do? We Republican present solutions like immigration reform, guest worker programs, etc. The Democratic party on the other hand, misleads minorities into voting for them by promising them the moon and the stars, but Republicans deliver the goods. Ronald Reagan once said referring to the largest minority in California "Hispanics are Republicans, they just don't know it yet."

If elected, I propose to immediately close the borders, a five year moratorium on visas, and expedite legalization of those who are already here. Furthermore; we continue to do what our current administration has been doing, deporting criminals. I believe that we have plenty of young intellects to choose from here in the United States if given the proper training. The money that big companies spend bringing foreign workers will be better spent here in our home. Let's face it folks, everyone that comes to the United States legally or illegally, will likely send their money to their families back in their homeland, so let's impose a tax in all remittances send abroad.

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