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Issue Position: Everyone Has the Right to Live

Issue Position

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On April 8 the people elected Jackie Speier to Congress. There were three major issues the war, the economy and immigration. There is an even bigger issue — the right to life―. As a roman-catholic, I believe in the sanctity of life, and I understand what it means to be pro-life. I am opposed to the slaughtering of human life (abortion). As a true pro-life advocate, one must believe that life is not possible without conception therefore; life takes place from conception to death. During the especial election out of five candidates, I was the only pro-life advocate. In retrospect, I was a political coward because I did not take the initiative to bring it up although I feel strongly about it. The media did not bring it up, nor did the people and obviously, the pro-murder candidates did not bring it up. Speaking for myself, I was a political coward.

I will no longer be silent on this subject because of my spiritual leader, his sanctity The Holy father Pope Benedict the XVI. During his visit, he reminded me that I am a roman- catholic, that there is not such thing as liberal Catholics. He reminded me that true Catholics are about life and justice for all including the purest essence of life ― the child in the mother's womb. I am aware of the fact that abortion in this country is legal, and my country in essence approves murder. We have a responsibility to try and change this law, and if elected I will fight hard to overturn Roe vs Wade. Would you help me fight the left-wing liberals? God gave us a chance at life? who are we to deny others of the same right.

The blatant hypocrisy of Jackie Speier on the issue of abortion is astounding, she claims to be a catholic who attended Mercy High School and a member of the Saint Bartholomew's Parish where she receives communion. My question is how can she possibly do all these things and be an advocate for abortion (murder)? The priest that gives her communion whoever he is, should immediately be excommunicated.

When I saw the picture on the newspapers of your leader Nancy Pelosi, kissing the ring of the Holy Father I almost lost my mind, then she had the audacity to say that she would take communion at a special mass? Who is she kidding? Where is the silent majority of Catholics of this district? Why are they not speaking out against abortion? Are they aware of what is going on? Why do you keep voting for these liberal hypocrites? Since when do we take God's job on our hands? Since when do we decide who lives or dies?

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