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Kerry Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Habeas Corpus


Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Habeas Corpus

Sen. John Kerry today made the follow statement in response to the Supreme Court's recent decision that foreign detainees held at Guantanamo Bay may challenge their detention in U.S. courts:

"Today, the Supreme Court affirmed what almost everyone but the Administration and their defenders in Congress always knew. The Constitution and the rule of law bind all of us even in extraordinary times of war. No one is above the Constitution. The historic writ of habeas corpus endures. This is a major rebuke of the Administration's post-9/11 policies that have divided us at home, alienated and isolated us abroad, and made Americans less safe. The next step is to erase this great stain on our moral authority by promptly shutting down Guantanamo."

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