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Garrett Works to Lower Gasoline Prices

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Garrett Works to Lower Gasoline Prices

On Friday, Representative Scott Garrett joined 88 members in signing a letter to Speaker Pelosi, requesting her to bring H.R. 5984, the Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act, to the floor for consideration. Without these tax credits for wind and solar industries and investment, thousands of job are at risk. Since the Senate has already passed similar language, with a bipartisan vote of 88-8, a procedural stalemate in the House is unacceptable. America needs to expand its renewable energy resources and this bill would help stimulate innovation.

In addition, Congressman Scott Garrett recently signed two discharge petitions to support bills that would promote responsible American energy production. The No More Excuses Energy Act, H.R. 3089, would encourage new refinery construction, boost alternative energy development, and increase drilling in the U.S. The second bill, H.R. 2279, would expand American refining capacity on closed military installations. If an absolute majority of House members (218) sign a discharge petition, a bill may bypass Committee consideration and be brought directly to the House floor.

Garrett has frequently spoken out about gasoline prices on the House floor. Rep. Garrett stated:

"This issue affects many of my constituents in New Jersey, many of whom must commute every day by car. In my district, where many travel across county and state lines to work, a host of commuters are being hit by this energy crisis. When I examine this situation, I think that in one sense it's not too complicated to consider the various policies or ideas out there. All you have to do is look at three things: supply, cost, and security."

"What should a good energy policy accomplish? First, it should provide more energy or more supply. A bad energy policy will give us less supply. Secondly, a good energy policy is one that will lower costs for Americans. A bad energy policy is one that will continue to raise or escalate costs, meaning that American families are going to have less money for their food, housing, and education. Finally, a good energy policy is one that will make us a stronger, more secure America. A bad energy policy is going to be one that makes us less secure, less independent, and more reliant on foreign, unstable regimes like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Russia."

"That is why I support legislation that addresses each of these vital components. I will continue fighting to increase the amount of energy that the American consumer can attain, to lower the cost of energy for the American family so that they have more disposable income for other needs, and to strengthen national security and make us more independent from volatile countries."

Additionally, last year, Garrett introduced the STATE Act (Surface Transportation and Taxation Equity Act), which would allow federal gasoline tax dollars to remain in the states. This legislation would return primary transportation program responsibility and taxing authority to the States where it belongs. Garrett is especially committed to fighting for taxpayers in the Garden State because for every dollar that New Jerseyans send to Washington, they only receive 55 cents back in benefits for the state.

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