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Fortenberry Statement Regarding President's Energy Remarks


Location: Washington, DC

Fortenberry Statement Regarding President's Energy Remarks

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry today made the following statement regarding President Bush's call for Congress to end the federal ban on offshore oil exploration.

"We need to pursue domestic resources, in an environmentally responsible way, while also aggressively moving toward a more sustainable energy future. Our energy strategy should make us less dependent on foreign oil by fully integrating conservation, new technologies, and the full range of renewable sources including wind, solar, geothermal, and biofuels into our energy portfolio."

Fortenberry has called on Congress and the Administration to convene an emergency energy summit that examines all potential factors causing the burgeoning problem of high energy prices including speculation, rising demand, supply restrictions, inflation, boutique fuels, lack of sustainable alternative sources, geopolitical instability, and OPEC.

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