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Pelosi's Plan to Bring Energy Relief Will Exclude Most Texans


Location: Washington, DC


U.S. Rep John Carter (TX-31) made the following statement today after learning that House Democrats are planning an energy proposal that includes an increase in public transportation and proposals allowing government bureaucrats to work from home, but calls for no increase in American energy exploration.

"Gas prices in Texas are quickly headed towards the $4 mark and some stations are already reporting prices north of that. Washington Democrats refuse to realize that most Texans do not have the option of public transportation. For those of us who live in the suburbs, on farms and ranches, and even in most urban areas of the state, Speaker Pelosi's plan to bring down gas prices does nothing to help.

"This plan shows relief for government employees, most of whom live and work in Washington D.C., but not for the everyday Texan who is responsible for getting the kids to school, driving to work and then getting back home again.

"It is relieving to see Speaker Pelosi finally take action to put together an energy package that was promised to the American people two years ago, but frustrating to learn that it only includes proposals that will bring small amounts of relief to people who live in big cities like New York or Chicago where public transportation is an everyday option, or who work for the government. And Speaker Pelosi has yet to unveil a plan to increase production so we can actually see the results at the pump.

"Texans need a plan that can produce results. Republicans have a plan that will bring down prices at the pump in an environmentally safe way. I stand ready to work with Democrats to get this commonsense plan to the American people."

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