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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position


Arizona, perhaps more so than any other state, has borne the burden of illegal immigration. It needs to stop. The problem of illegal immigration is damaging our state and costing us billions of dollars. It's time for the politicians in Washington to stop playing politics and do something about it. Amnesty is not an option and the toleration of "sanctuary cities" must end.

First, we must secure our border. Despite the rhetoric coming from the federal government, our southern border is still not secure and tens of thousands of illegal aliens cross into our country every year. Once our border is truly secure, then we can consider implementing a common sense temporary guest worker program to enable businesses to obtain the employees they need.

For some, this is a political issue to use and try to gain political points. This is wrong. As your Congressman, I will try to push through real solutions to the illegal immigration problem. It's not about politics, it's about making sure our border is secure and our state ceases to pay such a high cost for the problem of illegal immigration. As Americans we welcome legal immigrants willing to learn English, assimilate into our communities, and become productive citizens.

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