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End of My First Two Months in Politics


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End of My First Two Months in Politics

It has been a steep learning curve since a couple of months ago when we announced. I didn't know what people would make of a guy who didn't have a well manicured political pedigree. I guess I have always stood for what I believed and have been willing to put my back behind any endeavor my family and I chose to take on. I was surprised by the support that has come our way in these past couple of months. From the excellent people who stepped up as my campaign staff, to the amazing volunteers who have been calling to help out, it has been encouraging to see that my campaign's message of reemphasizing core historic Republican principles - belief in the individual, limited government closest to the people, a strong defense, and fiscal conservatism - putting practicality before politics, and the need for a fresh face, and new ideas has found so much resonance. We have traveled from one corner to the other of this magnificent state (over 10,000 miles in 2 months), in snow and rain, and everywhere we have gone, we have seen how wonderful the people of Wyoming are. This is a great state, and its potential is only beginning to be realized. The next few years will be pivotal for our future and critical for our nation's future. I am humbled by the opportunity that has come my way and I thank God I live in a state where the people have so much common sense. Thank you all for your support!

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