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Blackburn: Congress Finally Lives Up to its Responsibility to Keep America Safe


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn: Congress Finally Lives Up To Its Responsibility to Keep America Safe

"The ACLU Opposes the FISA Update...So Common Sense Must Have Prevailed"

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) voted today to update laws that govern how the federal government can monitor terrorist activity around the world. The bill strengthens the ability of the intelligence community to eavesdrop on foreign targets and exploit actionable intelligence tips at a moment's notice, even when court orders may be unavailable. Moreover, the bill does away with a Democrat provision that amounted to a multimillion dollar earmark for trial lawyers at the expense of telecommunications companies who are doing their part to keep America safe.

"The ACLU opposes the FISA update and Russ Feingold calls it ‘a capitulation', so common sense must have prevailed. It will allow the intelligence community to pursue terrorists using techniques appropriate to the era of texting, not telegrams. Responsible lawmakers came together today to protect American security and American civil liberties. I am grateful to the millions who made their voices heard in support of these programs. It was the pressure they brought to bear that pushed the Democrat leadership into this compromise."

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