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Peach Pundit - Donzella James Outraged At Congressman David Scott

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Peach Pundit - Donzella James Outraged At Congressman David Scott

Former Georgia state Senator Donzella James (D - Atlanta) says she's outraged but not surprised at the allegations that Congressman David Scott referred to his Republican opponent, Deborah Honeycutt, as a bitch.

In a news release sent out today, Democrat Donzella James cited a statement from the Republican National Committee's Outreach Communications Press Secretary as her reason for believing the accusation against U.S. Rep. Scott is true.

"This is disrespectful and very unfortunate to hear this about a U.S. Congressman," said the RNC's Outreach Communications Press Secretary Darrell Jordan. "It's also extremely disappointing to hear an African-American man use this term in reference to another African-American woman. When I heard this report, I decided to call the witness who heard Rep. Scott utter the phrase (for my own confirmation). On Monday, Maynard Eaton, a writer for the Atlanta Voice newspaper, confirmed to me that he did, in fact, hear Rep. Scott refer to Dr. Honeycutt as a bitch."

There are some, however, who are questioning the truthfulness of Eaton's claim. These skeptics point to Republican Deborah Honeycutt's FEC reports which show Maynard Eaton receiving five "media consulting" payments totaling $3,000 over the last few months.

Still Donzella James maintained her criticisms against the Georgia Congressman who defeated her twice in the Democratic primary.

"[David Scott] has been disrespectful to me and other women in my presence," James said. "Even in mixed company, he often makes vulgar references that are less than gentlemanly.

"Making statements degrading women and not addressing the issues that are important to all of us clearly indicates that he has no business representing the 13th district! I am the respectable candidate who will bring service, integrity, and accountability back to our district," she continued.

Congressman Scott's office continued to deny the allegations.

"That is absolutely not true," said Scott's Chief of Staff Michael Andel. "Congressman Scott would not say such a thing."

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