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Statement by Gov. Rick Perry Regarding Offshore Oil Exploration


Location: Austin, TX

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry regarding offshore oil exploration

"I applaud President Bush and Senator McCain for their call to lift the federal ban on offshore oil exploration to expand domestic production. This is a vital step at a critical moment in our nation's history that will alleviate the ongoing strain Americans and Texans are enduring from ever increasing gasoline and energy prices.

"It is in our best interests for Congress to allow responsible exploration of our country's domestic energy supply and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I join both the president and senator in petitioning Congress to lift this ban immediately.

"Oil exploration off the coast of Texas has been going on for years, providing a shining example of the safety, effectiveness and limited environmental impact of modern exploration technology. By tapping into our known resources in offshore deposits, our nation's shale and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, our nation will gain increased access to the oil that fuels our economy. "This expanded access, combined with the ongoing pursuit of alternative energy sources, will further diversify and deepen our country's energy portfolio, ensuring relief from high energy prices and breaking the stranglehold foreign oil cartels have on our nation's energy supply."

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