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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

I have been through the ups and downs of Wyoming's economic history. Not only as a rancher, but as someone who has taken an idea and brought it to life creating jobs. I kept these going during good and bad times, and I have helped others get up and running on their own. I know how difficult it is to make a go of it and how worthwhile it is to try and succeed.

Today, even as we enjoy the good fortunes that energy development has brought to our state, I know we need to diversify Wyoming's economy to provide for a more sustainable and dependable future. Wyoming is home to brilliant energetic young people, many of whom leave the state when they cannot find good jobs, or when they have been unable to engage in our state's opportunities. That is why here in Wyoming we need to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit enabling new businesses to prosper and established ones to grow. We need to make sure our businesses have the best chances they can to get started and thrive.

In part that means we must:

• Advance a sensible, predictable, and understandable tax code that provides for fair treatment of health care expenses for individuals, a more favorable approach to depreciation, and finally doing away with the death (estate) tax.

• Foster a certain, reasonable and efficient regulatory climate which properly balances regulatory obligation with economic opportunity.

• Support truly free markets that do not discriminate against our workers or products.

• Promote a coherent and fair credit climate by fairly balancing regulatory accountability across sectors.

• Encourage transparency in the marketplace and guard against manipulation and consolidation by encouraging free and fair markets.

Like many who have lived here through the years, I often wonder when good fortunes might change. Our energy and agricultural economies are tied to marketplaces well outside of our control. Speculation, "bubbles," hedging, and manipulation in places like Brazil, London, New York, Washington D.C., and the Middle East all affect our economy in unpredictable and sometimes devastating ways.

The good news is we have a wealth of assets from a bright, motivated, and (now with the Hathaway and other programs) increasingly well educated workforce, to a natural environment second to none, and the raw materials from which to build. There is no excuse for us not to leave this world better than we found it.

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