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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Immigration

Times have changed since the last time the United States Congress addressed immigration reform. Since the 1986 "solution" that resulted in amnesty, millions of illegal immigrants have unlawfully crossed our borders and unfairly cut in front of people that respected our immigration and naturalization procedures. We are a nation of laws and we must enforce the laws that are currently on the books. More importantly, the world has changed since September 11, 2001. Our homeland security requires that we know who is in our country, and why they are here.

We must secure our borders by strengthening border enforcement. This means ensuring that we fund adequate resources on the border, and deploy advanced technologies to effectively patrol and secure our borders. We can utilize technology, like high-tech communication systems, infrared cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, fences, and barriers, to provide continuous surveillance of our borders, and allow border patrol agents to further concentrate their activities to enforcing our laws and apprehending those that are unlawfully in our country. We need to train additional border patrol agents, and in the interim while we train more, I agree with the President's proposal to temporarily send National Guard members to assist in operating surveillance systems, analyzing intelligence, and installing fences and vehicle barriers, among other things, on our southern border.

Each person caught illegally entering our country needs to be booked, fingerprinted and promptly returned home. If they have a previous record or are repeat offenders, they should be jailed. I agree with President Bush that we need to expand the number of beds in our detention facilities and to expedite the legal process to reduce the average deportation process.

I applaud President Bush for immediate proactive steps that recognize the problems in our immigration system. My family immigrated to this country seeking the American Dream. We are a nation of immigrants and our country is a lawful society that embraces lawful immigration. However, the American people demand that our laws are obeyed and the nation's borders are secure. I want to go to Washington to ensure that these basic responsibilities of our federal government are carried out.

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