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Wolf Management Returns to Wyoming


Location: Cheyenne, WY

Wolf Management Returns to Wyoming

Friday is on one hand exciting because management of wolves is turned over to our state and removed from the hands of federal officials, but on the other hand it is also a reminder of a decision imposed on Wyoming and its people without enough forethought.

In the 1990s I opposed the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Now almost thirteen years after the enclosures were opened and 14 wolves were released into the park the state of Wyoming will take control over wolves. I want to applaud our state's legislators for working to find a management plan that meets scientific requirements and is something the agriculture and outfitting industries can work with. The Game and Fish Department now takes on a huge task with a large financial burden. I look forward to helping them through this challenge. As a Representative in Washington I want to find ways to relieve some of the financial responsibility on the state and our outdoorsmen and women (who pay the lion's share of the Game and Fish's budget). At the same time I will not allow any money for the monitoring and removal of problem wolves to come with any strings attached from Congress.

People around the nation extol the virtues of having wolves back in Yellowstone. I hope they will also be willing to pay the cost of keeping them there.

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