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Kitch Out-Raises Smith with Small Donors


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Kitch Out-Raises Smith with Small Donors

Let me break this down for you in the simplest terms possible:


Jim Kitchens is relying on a broad scope of individual donors who are giving to a man they respect.

Jim Smith is relying on a few special interest groups and PACs who are looking out for their political concerns.

Don't believe me? Look at the campaign finance reports that came out today.

Kitch raised $57,000 from 55 donors — all individuals.

Smith raised $40,000 from only 10 donors — eight of whom are corporations, PACs or special interest groups.

While we're glad that we raised more money than Smith in the first two months, we're not fooled. We can see the writing on the wall.

When 70 percent of a candidate's donors have given the maximum amount, we know what that means. Jim Kitchens is going to face a multi-million dollar campaign filled with negative attacks from out-of-state special interest groups.

In the end, though, we feel like the people want a court that looks out for everyone's interest, not just the interest of those with the most money.

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