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Justice Jim Smith Speaks


Location: Unknown

Justice Jim Smith Speaks

So, Justice Jim Smith gave an "impassioned" speech to the Mississippi Association for Justice last night.

It was the first time in many years that I've heard him speak, and I don't remember him sounding like he did. I truly am not being critical here, but the man sounded so angry. Being a forceful speaker is one thing, but last night was a step or seven beyond forceful.

His two main points:

1. He's brought integrity to the bench.
2. He outworks everyone.

That brings up two points of my own:

1. Will the integrity he has brought to the bench lead him to denounce large political organizations that routinely run sleazy attack ads against candidates? (Yes, I'm talking about the U.S. Chamber.)
2. He went on to say that he always will outwork everyone up there. That's a pretty brazen statement.

More than ever, if people can meet both Smith and Kitch, then I know in my heart Jim Kitchens will be elected. Last night brought that point home more than ever.

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