Kitch Leads in Campaign Finance Reports


By:  Jim Kitchens
Date: June 11, 2008
Location: Unknown

Kitch Leads in Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign finance reports were issued yesterday, and for the second straight month Jim Kitchens has been able to raise more money than his two opponents.

And for the second straight month, if you take a long look at the reports, you'll see where the lines are drawn.

Jim Kitchens raised nearly $67,000 from friends and colleagues from Mississippi and across the country, plus more than $1,500 in small donations that averaged less than $50 per donation.

Justice Jim Smith raised almost $31,000 from only 21 donors. That's an average of more than $1,000 per donation. Nearly a third of his donors came from large corporations or political organizations.

For a non-partisan candidate who wants to keep politics out of the race, Justice Jim Smith sure is taking a lot of money from Political Action Committees, groups whose main goal is to influence the way people vote in order to benefit their small group of wealthy supporters.

If you look at Jim Kitchens' campaign finance report, you won't find one dime of PAC money. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for Chief Justice Jim Smith. It's no wonder that he wants politicians choosing your judges.

(Note: Ceola James reported no money raised or spent.)

If you want a justice who is a man of the people, then vote for Jim Kitchens.

If you want a justice who is a man of big business and politicians, then re-elect Jim Smith.

Never has a choice been clearer.

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