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Location: Lexington, SC


My name is Phil Black and I want to thank you for your interest and welcome you to my web site. I am entering the District 2 Congressional race because I want the chance to make a difference in Washington so that our children and grandchildren can have the same opportunities and quality of life in the future that we have enjoyed.

Let me tell you a little about myself... All of my family was born and lived in Barnwell South Carolina. I am a graduate of Riverside Military Academy and the University of Georgia. I have worked in banking, real estate, construction and have been a small business owner (Black's Supply in Barnwell is still going strong after 33 years). I am retired from the U S Small Business Administration. My wife Martha and I are members of Lake Murray Baptist Church where I have served as Trustee, Moderator and Chairman of the Building Committee. I have served on both Barnwell 45 and Lexington 1 School Boards.

One of my biggest concerns...The President tells us we are in a slow down of the economy --- I am here to tell you that I am afraid we are in a full scale RECESSION. We have sent our industrial base off shore and we are trying to borrow ourselves out of debt. Bottom line - we need change in Washington starting with someone who has lived and walked in the shoes of the working class. I am not a Career Politician. The Federal Government is broken and many of our elected officials are in denial and have their heads buried in the sand. Our problems did not happen over night but with a few quick fix procedures we can begin to cut fuel costs and work on the long range solutions for the economy, immigration, health care, education and national defense. I am asking for your most precious possession, your VOTE. I pledge that when I get to Washington I will work to change the way Washington does business and bring their focus back to the needs of the citizens of this great nation.

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