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Thank you for viewing my website and for your interest in my campaign to be re-elected to the Ohio Supreme Court.

In 2002, the voters of Ohio elected me to serve as a justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. It is truly an honor to hold this position. I am proud to have carried 86 of 88 counties and to know that over 57% of Ohio voters trusted me to serve on Ohio's highest court. I come to the court with experience as a lawyer, magistrate, prosecutor, common pleas court judge, and as lieutenant governor and director of Ohio's Department of Public Safety. I am proud to have earned the public's trust in every position that I have held in the past twenty years. I am also proud of the fact that I have improved and strengthened every office that I have held and believe those skills are the mark of a true public servant. I pledge to continue to do so in every step of my career.

As a justice, I have listened to the parties who have argued before the court, read and interpreted the law, and independently applied the law to the facts of each case. I recognize that the decisions of the Ohio Supreme Court affect all of Ohio's citizens, businesses, and courts. I firmly believe that we must adhere to legal precedent and instill stability and predictability in the law. I also believe that it is critically important that our justices must decide cases in a fair and unbiased manner. I promise to continue to uphold the oath of my office as I have for the past six years.

I respectfully ask for your continued support and for your vote on November 4th, 2008.

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