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Lance: Public's Voices Were Heard. Now Let Them Vote!

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Lance: Public's Voices Were Heard. Now Let Them Vote!

Senate Republican Budget Officer Leonard Lance released the following statement after concerned citizens spoke at a public hearing about Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 39, a proposed constitutional amendment that will close a loophole that allows the state to borrow without seeking voter approval.

"The public's comments on SCR-39 were both welcome and appropriate. Voters owe a debt of gratitude to Budget Committee Chair Barbara Buono for permitting a hearing where their views could be expressed. This is democracy at its best.

"SCR-39 is about restoring to voters one of the most important checks on New Jersey government entrusted to them by the authors of our state Constitution. The authors believed that letting voters decide when New Jersey can borrow is the best way to ensure that our resources are used wisely. Recent history has proven their point beyond a shadow of a doubt.

"We are now mired in a perpetual budget crisis, much of it the result of irresponsible borrowing. I believe that billions of dollars in unneeded debt would not now burden the people of this state and future generations had we followed the Constitution and asked voters for their permission to borrow.

"Putting this resolution before the voters is the best step we can take to restoring New Jersey to its rightful place among the top states for fiscal responsibility and good government. I urge everyone in the Senate to join with me in continuing this bipartisan effort to ensure that this measure appears before the voters on the November ballot."

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