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Gordon: Withdrawal Now Demeans Soldiers' Efforts

Press Release

Location: Buffalo, WY

Gordon: Withdrawal Now Demeans Soldiers' Efforts

Today, the House passed a bill sponsored by Democrats (HR 2642), which contains an amendment to start withdrawing troops from Iraq in 30 days. That particular amendment is not tied to any funding so it is extremely unlikely to go anywhere. Nevertheless, Republican candidate for U.S. House, Mark Gordon, had these comments about the proposal:

"It is shocking to me that Democrats think now is the time to start pulling troops out of Iraq. Under General Petraeus' orders there is already a drawdown in force happening. We need to let his plan run its course and evaluate the situation after that. Congress cannot micromanage the war from Washington. If elected I would fight to ensure our commanders on the ground are in control of the military operations. I would vote to support our troops in Iraq and provide them with the resources they need to continue building on their success in stabilizing the country and training Iraqis to take control of their own destinies."

"The Democrats also put amendments in this bill for items that have nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan. Legislating through the appropriations process and putting pet projects over military funding is wrong. I cannot believe that this is how Democrats are running our country. And it is yet another example of how Washington is broken."

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