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Gordon Releases Plan for Economic Recovery and Files for Office

Press Release

Location: Cheyenne, WY

Gordon Releases Plan for Economic Recovery and Files for Office

On the eve of the Republican state convention Mark Gordon unveiled a plan to get the economy back on track. The proposal is called Wyoming Solutions and is composed of eight initiatives that Gordon sees as key to revitalizing Americans' buying power. This announcement came during a visit to the state capitol when Gordon filed as a candidate for U.S. House, which is his first foray into partisan politics.

"It is humbling to walk into that building and realize the responsibility I am taking on," Gordon said after filing the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State. "I know we need new blood. Paying for the gas to get here reminds me of how tough times are right now for Americans. For too long we have elected candidates with the correct political resume and look where it has gotten us."

Wyoming Solutions is an effort by Gordon to find common sense answers to and stimulate a conversation about problems facing the economy. "With added worldwide demand for meat, energy and construction materials, the higher costs at the pump and grocery store are not going away," Gordon said. "What we have to do is find ways to keep prices stable, strengthen the dollar, and create more, higher paying jobs across all of Wyoming's economic sectors."

This plan from Gordon contains ideas to bring down taxes, make sure citizens keep more of their salaries, encourage entrepreneurs and small business owners, create jobs, increase profits, stabilize energy prices, strengthen the dollar by reducing the deficit through cutting government spending, and address the concerns of many Americans worried about the sub-prime housing bust.

"These are ideas I've worked on and now I want people from across the state to give me feedback," Gordon said. "I want to be a voice in Congress for people like me that are working everyday on ranches or have started businesses and know exactly what changes they need from the government to keep their businesses going strong or get off the ground."

Already in this campaign Gordon has talked about the inability of the Congress to pass a sound Farm Bill or budget. "I look at those proposals for the way they would affect my fellow ranchers and the way they would impact the other small business owners I know in Buffalo and so far I haven't seen anything that will help us stay in business or keep more people hired," Gordon said. "Wyoming Solutions is all about that."

The Republican State Convention starts tomorrow (Thursday) and Gordon will take this policy initiative there. "I look forward to debating this proposal at the convention, and finding those people who want a change in the Republican Party," Gordon said. "This is going to be a tough election and I believe the Republicans need new faces to show the independent and intelligent voters of this state that they won't be getting more of the same."

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