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Issue Position: Defense and the War on Terror

Issue Position


Protecting America from another terrorist attack is the foremost goal of our federal government.

We know the fight will be long and hard, but we can't give up our commitment to a secure America and a free and peaceful world.

Fighting the War on Terror means preemptively disarming those leaders who harbor terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. It means giving our military, law enforcement, and intelligence organizations the tools they need to keep us safe. It means strengthening our borders and doing away with immigration loopholes that let terrorists travel freely in our country.

These are big goals, and I'll work toward achieving them. With the recent democratic elections in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's clear that democracy is taking root in the Middle East. The throngs of brave Iraqi men and women who risked terrorist attack to vote in January's democratic elections are a testament to the success of a free Iraq. None of this was possible under Saddam Hussein's brutal regime.

I fully support President Bush's commitment to the spread of democracy over tyranny and dictatorship, and I know our servicemen and women in Iraq will transfer power over to the Iraqi people as soon as possible.

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