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Letter to Constituents, Re: The General Election


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Letter to Constituents, Re: The General Election

On to the General Election!

Dear Friends:

The voters of the 2nd Congressional district of Iowa cast their ballots and have spoken.

My campaign for the Republican primary to win back Jim Leach's seat was an amazing experience. Many of you are aware that I am not a career politician. I am humbled by the political process and proud of the vigorous and positive campaign I undertook for this election.

You may have heard me say on the campaign trail, I have served many roles within my community. I am a doctor and a veteran with over 24 years of service with the U.S. Army. I have been a faculty member of the University of Iowa, a small business owner and a mother of 2 and wife for nearly 25 years. Today, I stand before you as your next Member of Congress.

I have traveled to ALL 15 counties in the district throughout this campaign and met many wonderful people - people who have dedicated their time and resources to electing me. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and so grateful for your vote. I am honored by your commitment and will work tirelessly to be worthy of the trust that you all have instilled upon me as your Republican candidate this fall.

I have listened to you and I hear your call to send someone to Washington that will not only adhere to the rule of law but also take the lead in fixing our problems.

As an ophthalmologist, my job is to help people see well. However, it doesn't take glasses or refractive surgery to see that congress needs resuscitation. I envision a Congress that can and should be fixed starting with an energy program that enhances our economy, protects our environment and promotes national security. I believe we need immediate and permanent tax relief. I also believe we can have portable and affordable health care for individuals, families and businesses without the federal government taking over control. I also believe in finding real common sense solutions to social security reform, and honoring soldiers and their families who are fighting every day for our freedom.

I want to thank my family for enduring the long campaign hours, fast food and dust, driving, knocking on doors, calling voters and for their love, support and pride in this endeavor. I want to thank State Representative Jeff Kaufmann for his endorsement. His advice and counsel were worth a great deal to me.

Most especially, I want to thank my volunteers. I have a team of county chairs who have worked tirelessly with me to get out the vote in every county that the district represents. THANK YOU Trudy Caviness, Cathy Grawe, Bill Dahlsten, Kathy Farrand, Matt Green, Mick Grove, Todd and Sarah Henderson, Don and Skye Lucas, Dane Nealson, Jan McDanalds, Joni Scotter, Angie Wasson, Carolyn Williams, and Sue Zimmerman! A special shout out to an unofficial county chair, Dianna Burden.

Thank you, God Bless you and your families, and please remain active as we head into the general election campaign this fall. We CAN build the bridge that heals division and distrust.

Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks

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