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BIDEN: 'The World Must Come Together to Boldly and Decisively Address the Global Food Crisis'


Location: Washington, DC

BIDEN: 'The World Must Come Together to Boldly and Decisively Address the Global Food Crisis'

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-DE) issued the following statement urging the 40 heads of state expected at tomorrow's world food summit in Rome to unite in taking bold, decisive steps to alleviate the global food crisis:

"Tomorrow's summit offers a significant opportunity for world leaders to address the global food crisis. For 20 years we have not invested enough in agricultural assistance. The results for the developing world have been disastrous. We are in danger of reversing the progress against poverty we've made over the last seven years.

"We need a practical solution that addresses immediate humanitarian needs in the short term and builds an adequate food supply in the long-term. Right now, the international community must come together and fully fund emergency assistance.

"In the longer term, we need a new ‘green revolution.' We must renew our investment in agriculture research and development, and increase support for rural infrastructure and institutions - from agriculture extension services and seed banks to irrigation and roads. Developed countries must work to eliminate barriers facing poor countries that have drastically reduced their food production and agricultural capacity.

"The world must come together to boldly and decisively address the global food crisis. And we will make the world more stable and secure if we do what we can to reduce fear and hunger."

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