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Governor Issues Statement on Veto Overrides


Location: Columbia, SC

Governor Issues Statement on Veto Overrides

Governor Mark Sanford today issued the following statement on the House's budget veto overrides:

"While I'd give credit to the growing number of taxpayer heroes in the House who stood with us on most of our vetoes, it's clear there are still too few in the House who care about something as seemingly simple as putting forth a balanced budget," Gov. Sanford said. "There are going to be very real deficits at Corrections and Education due to this budget, and doing anything less than addressing those deficits in full ignores the reality of the state's financial situation."

"Finally, I think it's telling that when it comes to spending more money in Columbia, it seems that every excuse under the sun seems to apply. In years past, the Administration has been admonished to produce a shorter list of vetoes. Yet in this case, when we limit them to not going backwards in funding retirement obligations and a constitutional requirement to avoid deficit spending, the overrides persist - and spending continues. What is happening here is financially reckless."

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