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Wapokoneta Daily News - "Jordan: Congressional budget has wrong priorities"

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Location: Wapokoneta, OH

Wapokoneta Daily News - "Jordan: Congressional budget has wrong priorities"

An area Congressman says a bloated federal spending bill, which includes $25 million to help foreign cats and dogs, is one of the problems preventing progress on Capitol Hill.

"This is a dysfunctional place right now," U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan said Thursday during a teleconference with local media. "This place isn't doing what it is suppose to do." Jordan went on the offensive against the Democrat-controlled Congress for pushing for the passage of a $3.1 trillion budget. The measure seeks to eliminate the Bush tax cuts put in place several years ago.

"That will increase taxes $600 billion over five years," Jordan said. "That would be a devastating thing to happen to families. It's not tax-and-spend, it is spend-and-tax. Spending drives the entire thing. If we ever get all the government we pay for, watch out."

The Urbana Republican assailed the Democrats for failing to address key concerns hitting American families in the wake of soaring food and energy costs. Jordan said Democrats are focused on increasing spending in the budget instead of trying to increase oil supplies,

"They passed legislation that would authorize $25 million to assist in the conservation of dogs and cats in foreign countries," Jordan said. "That's the kind of stuff that is getting passed around here. We have focused so much on spending that is out of control."

Jordan expressed some frustration at being unable to reign in spending in Washington.

The Congressman said as the energy crisis continues to increase its hold on America, politicians need to do more to secure domestic oil supplies.
"The vast majority of the price increase is attributed to lack of supply and increased demand," Jordan said. "That is basic economics. That's why we have advocated strongly for expansion of drilling in Alaska and other federal lands. We need to be focused on all of the above and securing American energy independence."

An increased global demand for petroleum, mainly from China and India, is sending oil prices to daily record highs.

Jordan said if Congress presented a united front on the fight to increase domestic supplies, oil prices would tumble.

"We need more supply on the energy side and amendments have been offered to allow drilling and we can't get the votes to pass it," Jordan said. "If you would see a full commitment by Congress, the day that passes, I think you will start to see the price come down."

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