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NBC Sioux Falls - Obama Speaks to Veterans

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NBC Sioux Falls - Obama Speaks to Veterans

It's getting close to the finish line for democratic presidential candidates, and they're campaigning in South Dakota as much as they can.

Senator Barrack Obama spent the Sunday morning in Sioux Falls talking with veterans.

The theme of his message on Sunday was unlike his last visit to Sioux Falls, which was more of a big political rally; Sunday morning's event was a simple meet-and-greet.

He spent the majority of his short speech talking about caring for troops once they return home.

Afterwards, we talked about a variety of topics from being close to clinching the nomination to experience in Washington.

In front of a crowd of local veterans and their families, Barack Obama spoke for about fifteen minutes before walking around the room, shaking hands, taking pictures, and even holding babies.

Barack Obama says, "I just have an enormous affection for the people of South Dakota. They're warm, they're generous, and that's what I've been seeing all throughout the state."

This is the Illinois senator's second trip to Sioux Falls in the past two weeks, a late push to try and win the state and secure the democratic nomination.

During that time he's begun to speak out more against republican nominee John McCain than democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

While he says his nomination isn't a done deal, it is time to start looking ahead.

Barack Obama says, "I don't think we have it wrapped up, but I do think Democrats are starting to recognize that the 1st day of June we need to start shifting our focus to the general election."

Experience may be not on his side when matched up against McCain or Clinton, but Obama says longevity doesn't always make someone a more qualified candidate.

Barack Obama says, "Those who want to see a different kind of politics and a different kind of Washington, I think I'm going to be the better choice."

And while he won't make a prediction for Tuesday night, Obama is optimistic he'll be in good shape even if he doesn't take the state.

Barack Obama says, "What I'm pretty confident about is we'll be very close to getting the nomination, win or lose, and hopefully South Dakota will help put us over the top."

If not, it could mean a lot more campaigning for Obama, and maybe another stop in South Dakota.

Obama also made a campaign stop in Mitchell on Sunday afternoon

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