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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position


Immigration and Customs Enforcement photo of unidentified ICE officer with unidentified handcuffed suspect in custody

Illegal immigration is the most pressing domestic issue facing the United States today. It carries strong national security considerations, as well.

I have been a leader on illegal immigration since my early days in Congress. In 1995, I chaired the Congressional Task Force on Immigration Reform. We published a 200-plus page report with more than 80 specific recommendations. Most of those recommendations became law the following year.

My efforts earned me recognition in 2006 as one of the Top Ten Illegal Immigration Hawks in Congress by Human Events magazine and induction into the U.S. Border Patrol Hall of Fame.

Today we do not face a lack of laws. We face a lack of willingness to enforce our laws.

The answer to illegal immigration is fairly simple. First, we must enforce our laws. Second, we must remove the magnets that persuade illegal immigrants to risk their lives to come to the United States. Finally, we must remove the benefits that make it easy for them to stay.

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