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House Democrats Exposed on Iraq: No Money for Our Troops but Plenty of Room for Tax Increases

Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Tom Price (GA-06-R) issued the following statement after House Democrats voted against providing resources for our troops in harm's way. The military spending bill passed by Democrats contains no money for our military, yet has restrictions on our commanders and includes a massive tax increase.

"Today's vote is a stunning demonstration of how Democrats in the House view our brave troops," said Rep. Price. "They are willing to tell our commanders how to run a war, yet deprive them of the money to execute it.

"For too long, the majority has relied on Republicans to carry their water to support our troops. Today, the curtain has been pulled back, and all that is left is extraneous spending, job-killing tax hikes, and handcuffs on our military. This is the result of government by fiat.

"House Democrats have hung our troops out to dry. Rather than soaking every action in partisan politics, it is time for real leadership. I call on Congress to pass a clean funding bill for our troops."

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