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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position


Bob is fighting to improve our energy policies to meet our changing needs. With power outages still occurring in the heat of summer, we must do more to increase conservation programs and invest in the development and expansion of renewable energy.


Bob is working hard to raise energy efficiency standards for many products we use daily. Bob has pushed for increased fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks and eliminating tax cuts for oil companies already posting record breaking profits. Dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East is not in our nation's best interest!

Bob recently signed a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, requesting that the Agency allow other states to adopt California's stricter auto emission standards. He will work with his colleagues in the new Congress to help make California's emission standard the federal standard, so that all Americans can save money in fuel and maintenance costs.

Renewable Energy

California has been a national leader in increasing alternative energy usage and one area that Bob takes to heart. Bob has been fighting hard to increase investment in renewable energy programs, including geothermal energy production in Imperial Valley and solar energy development in the San Diego area. He knows that renewable energy is:

i. Diverse- Renewable energy gives local consumers the right to choose the type of energy they wish to purchase so that we are not reliant on just one source of energy.

ii. Decentralized- With renewable energy programs right in our communities and hometowns, we eliminate the middleman- we can make it here and we use it here.

iii. Domestic- It's our local businesses and communities that benefit from renewable energy, not foreign governments in the Middle East.

Border Power Plants

Many of our communities are experiencing high levels of air pollution and record-level asthma rates- this is unacceptable!

Bob has been fighting to reduce the amount of air particles and other pollutants that contribute to asthma and other allergies. He has introduced legislation to force international power plants, which emit tons of air particles and other pollutants, to meet U.S. air quality guidelines. Bob will continue to fight to reduce these environmental exposures so we can all breathe easier.

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