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Issue Position: Health & Medicare

Issue Position


Bob is a leader in finding solutions to the special health care challenges of the border region and believes everyone in the United States deserves access to affordable health care! Doctors and other health professionals--not administrators or government officials--must be in charge of our health care. That is why Bob has been fighting for meaningful and managed health care reform.


In the last few hours of the 109th Congress, Republicans managed to stop impending cuts to Medicare Physician Reimbursements. However, more cuts are scheduled in the coming years. Bob knows our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals deserve better! He has been an outspoken advocate to increase Medicare payments and reimbursements. No one should have to settle for compromised health care!

Bob is also working with other Democrats and interested Republicans to provide a real prescription drug benefit for seniors that would allow Medicare to negotiate lower bulk prices.

Research & Development

Bob is an avid supporter of increasing funding for research of diseases such as Diabetes, Autism and Cancer. He will continue to work with his colleagues to increase funding to government agencies in order to find cures for these growing epidemics.

Health Care

The rising cost of health care has placed a huge burden on our communities. Bob is working closely with his colleagues to find comprehensive solutions to ensure that all Americans have access to quality health care. In the 109th Congress, he built bi-partisan support for his PAY UP! Act, which would reimburse border hospitals that shoulder the financial burden of treating undocumented patients.

Public Health

Health is also more than just care--it is often prevention. By working with local officials, Bob has been showcasing many public health works in our district, such as adult day health care, children's nutritional programs and community health care outreach. Bob knows these cost-effective programs are crucial steps to keeping our communities happy and healthy.

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