Issue Position: Jobs & The Economy

Issue Position

By:  Bob Filner

Congressman Bob Filner believes that we must help those who have found themselves unemployed and with few job prospects. Bob will continue to support the passage of legislation that addresses the real needs of America's workers and their families.

In every session of Congress since he was first elected, Bob has co-sponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage. For 10 years, while others played political games to prevent the passage of this legislation, Bob continued to fight for the American family and this critical wage increase. Americans work hard at their jobs and they deserve a just and livable wage. On January 10, 2007, Bob joined with his colleagues to give the American worker a well-deserved raise by passing H.R. 2, the first minimum wage increase in nearly a decade.

In light of the recent economic troubles of our nation, Bob believes that Congress must act to speed up recovery. In the 108th Congress, he voted against H.R. 4520, the President's so-called "jobs and economic growth" package, because the bill overwhelmingly benefited the richest individuals--and neglected the low- and middle-income Americans who need the money and would spend it now. Bob proposed a better plan to stimulate the economy that helps working American families and is fully paid-for. His package would exempt all workers from the first $20,000 dollars of payroll tax, putting money in the pockets of all Americans. While disappointed that the Republican majority failed to consider any alternatives to the President's plan, such as Bob's idea or the Democratic alternative stimulus package, Bob continues to work in Congress to enact policy that ensures a sound and prosperous economy.

Bob has also worked to help provide Americans with much-needed assistance with their taxes. When the IRS announced the proposed closing of 68 Taxpayer Assistance Centers nationwide, including the El Centro location, Bob joined with over 30 of his colleagues to protest the TAC closures. AS a result, the IRS announced that they no longer plan to close the TACs.

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