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War Supplemental

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

War Supplemental

Today Congressman Lee Terry (R-NE) continued his strong stand in support our troops by voting for the war funding amendment to the War Supplemental Bill. This amendment provides $162.5 billion for military activity in Iraq and Afghanistan through summer, 2009.

"Every single day our troops put their life on the line for our freedom. We owe them a lifetime of gratitude. We must give our military every resource it needs. Terrorists have declared war not just on the United States, but on anyone who does not share their radical religious doctrine. This money will be wisely used to fight the war on terror. When our mission is complete we can then begin the process of a gradual withdrawal of our troops from Iraq," said Congressman Terry.

Congressman Terry voted against yet another attempt to set an arbitrary timeline for our troops to come home. Congressman Terry believes we need to stabilize Iraq and then we can let our superior military leaders make that decision, not politicians in Congress.

Congressman Terry also voted against an amendment that would have added another massive tax to small businesses.

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. I will not stand for another tax hit to businesses. Without the successful, smart small businesses our country would be in an economic disaster today. The last thing they need right now is another tax," said Congressman Terry.

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