Limits For Others, Just Not for Smith


By:  Jim Kitchens
Date: May 11, 2008
Location: Brandon, MS

When George Washington was nearing the end of his second term, he decided not to run for a third term. After throwing off the shackles of England's monarchal rule, it made no sense to our founding father that any president serve for life — or longer than two terms, for that matter.

Too bad incumbent Chief Justice Jim Smith doesn't have that same kind of statesman-like outlook when it comes to treating all people equally in relation to term limits.

He proposed an appointed system that would allow for a judge on the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court to serve just two terms.

Forget the fact that appointing our judges disenfranchises every voter in Mississippi when it comes to selecting an entire branch of our state government.

Instead, consider the fact that the man who would limit judges to just TWO TERMS is now seeking his THIRD TERM in office.

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