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Issue Position: Ensuring Equal Access to the Courts

Issue Position

Location: Brandon, MS

Issue Position: Ensuring equal access to the courts

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The most sacred of the duties of a government is to do equal and impartial justice to all of its citizens."

Jim Kitchens could not agree more with one of our most famous founding fathers. This is reflected in his work as a district attorney, as a defense attorney and as a civil attorney.

He believes that all Mississippi judges and Supreme Court justices should share and practice Mr. Jefferson's timeless values.

We have a state Supreme Court majority that routinely takes the side of powerful corporations over the interests of everyday Mississippians. Such one-sided rulings do not represent "equal and impartial justice" for the people of Mississippi.

"Judges should be fair to all those who appear before them," Jim Kitchens said. "As a judge, I will be guided by the law. I will not make decisions based on who my friends or my supporters are."

Jim Kitchens believes:

* All people should be able to seek justice from the courts, regardless of their position in life.
* Judges should rule based on the law, not based on their political philosophies or the political philosophies of their financial supporters.
* The rights of individuals should be protected against the desires of large corporations and insurance companies.
* Juries, not politicians, should decide to how much a wronged person is entitled.

"Being fair and impartial should be the aim of every judge, and it will be my aim as a Supreme Court justice," Jim Kitchens said. "I will not consider politics or personal preferences when it comes to making a decision. I will consider only the rule of law."

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